... in the swallows

Published on 24 May 2021
A swallow sweeping over the water

It has rained a lot recently. I don't remember a May this wet, and this weather couldn't be a greater contrast to the much warmer, drier spring we had last year. I respond to blue skies and find long spells of grey weather hard. Moreover, going for walks is one of my main activities outside work and sleep, and although I still go for walks in the wet weather, I don't enjoy them as much. Perhaps as a result of the weather, or because of other things, I have felt out of sorts for a few weeks.

I have found a silver lining, though, in watching the swallows, swifts and house martins swooping low over the river near my house. In dry weather, these birds fly much higher, but when it is about to rain, or already raining, they fly very low, and because I live near the river I can walk very close to them as they swoop about. Sometimes when the light is right, as a swallow swoops down you can also see its reflection below in the water.

I have tried to take photos but of course, they move very fast!  I don't think a photograph could really do justice though to their amazing movements. Since it has rained so much, I have watched them often and feel like I don't need photos to remember this. It has been captured in my mind's eye.

There's something really meditative about watching them. The birds are a reminder to me from God to savour the moment I am in and be in it, even if it is rainy, rather than always wishing for another time, another place. Instead of always wanting to move on to the next thing, I can be in that moment. That moment is blessed too. 

Where have you found God today?