... in a sunset over a saltmarsh

Published on 25 Sep 2021
A sunset over a salt marsh.

It was a grey evening as I stepped off a minibus in North Wales and stood in an empty station carpark waiting for my friend to pick me up in the car. Since I'd been on a long journey, I suggested a walk so she took me down to the nearby beach, where waves crashed against a line of shingle.

The last few years have seen too few new horizons, like the one I saw before me, and too few catch up with friends. 

The rain began to creep in so we headed back inland, but as we did so we saw the most beautiful sunset over the saltmarshes.

'Ah we should have stayed on the beach and waited for the sunset!' she said.

'No,' I replied 'I think it's even better from where we're standing now.'

For the sky was ablaze and the sunset beautifully reflected in the water of the marsh. I felt really touched by God in that moment - not just full of wonder, but a sense that I was meant to be there, in that time, and in that place, and felt more myself than I had for a long time.