... in a straight path

Published on 31 Jul 2019
A straight path with a stream on one side and trees lining it.

I was taking a walk recently with some old friends. When it is quite a big group it can be hard to keep everyone together, especially if there are twists and turns.

On this walk however there was a very obvious path, with a ditch on one side and a stream on the other, so no question of getting lost or losing sight of everyone else. 

I love wilder paths through woodland, or ground where you have to pick your way over rocks, and I even quite like getting a bit lost – or imagining that you might, I suppose. It is also true that beautiful views only come after a challenging climb. Choosing a path where it forks in two directions adds excitement (even if you have to turn round and come back because you made the wrong choice. It's also true though that on this straight path, because distractions were few, I was able to have a deep chat with my old friend, without pausing because we got lost, and that was great.

I was musing on how paths echo our faith story and our relationship with God. I think of the time for me, there have been decisions to make, rocks to climb round and even rivers to forge! Not a mountain climber, I'd still love to look up at the summit even if my heart was sinking about the climb up. Recently however, my life has settled down a lot and certain aspects of my life choices seem so much more straightforward, at least for the time being. 

I feel like that sometimes God gives us a straight, level path, to give us a break from the uphill struggle and the turmoil. That's not only very relaxing and less stressful but it can also be a very fruitful time for our relationship with God, and others, a time to deepen that relationship. Who knows what wisdom we'll arrive at as a result.