... in St Mary Magdelene

Published on 23 Jul 2020

22nd July is the Feast Day of St Mary Magdalene. As she is the Patron Saint of our church we celebrated her festival last Sunday. Unfortunately, we were unable to do so together as a family in church but “virtually”, but I don’t suppose she would mind.

July has always been a difficult month at home, as an unseemly number of annual bills seem to fall due this month. The situation has been made worse this year as a couple of major items of household equipment needed replacement. And, of course this coronavirus has meant that we have been “confined to barracks” for over three months now. When are we going to be able to get out to meet our family and friends in person? Or even just go shopping as we used to do? Oh, and one of the roses is not doing at all well. In fact I had thought of replacing it later this year. Where was God in all this? I know people continually ask that question, perhaps more than ever during these dark days, but it does seem that He has abandoned us.

This morning I went out into the garden and there was a bloom on the little rose! It seemed to say to me “Did you not recognise me? I have been here all the time and will continue to be.  I promised never to leave you or forsake you. Did you forget that?” Like St Mary Magdalene I had failed to recognise Jesus at first, but he had been there all along.