... in the squirrel

Published on 21 Sep 2018
A squirrel on a path

On my way to Mass on Sunday I met Brother Squirrel on the churchyard path.

He saw me but was more interested in feasting on the acorns that had fallen from the ancient oaks. Like all birds and animals at this time of year he will need to eat as much as he can now to get him through the winter. Of course, he will bury a few acorns for later, but whether he remembers where he put them is another matter. In the distance I could hear the sound of a combine harvester gathering in this year’s crop of wheat. Amazingly, God, Our Creator provides this glorious, abundant bounty each year. And whilst some seeds will be crushed underfoot accidentally or otherwise there will be plenty to feed the birds and animals, and us too, with some to spare. He truly cares for all His creatures’ physical and spiritual needs.

When we come to realise that God is our Creator and Sustainer and that He cares for us, undeserving as we are, our only response must be to bow before Him with humility offering our unbounded praise and thanksgiving, whilst not forgetting those who are in need.