... in spiritual hunger

Published on 17 Jun 2019
A person sitting in church (monochrome picture)

The priest who preached on Sunday has a tendency to waffle during his homilies, and sometimes they don't really make sense! This was, alas, the case this Sunday.

The fact that the sound system isn't working probably contributed further to my concentration, and I genuinely found it hard to follow what was being said. (Alas the same had been true of the Liturgy of the Word earlier, but I'd remembered what the reading was meant to be, which helped). The readings were about manna from heaven and the Bread of Life, and if I remember one thing it was a line from his homily which said 'we go to Mass on Sunday so that God has an opportunity to make sure we are fed,' or words to that effect, and I remember thinking that if this was so, the homily wasn't feeding my mind. But then I remembered that God works in a different way, that his presence in the Eucharist feeds us in ways we cannot even understand. The one sentence I had heard clearly, understood and remembered, was important. It is, after all, the whole reason I was there. 

I am reminded of when you are very hungry but have only a tiny snack, perhaps a cracker, and eating it makes you even more hungry. If this Mass had awakened my spiritual hunger and reminded me of why I go to church on Sundays, then God had indeed been present there with me.