... in spiritual exercise

Published on 19 Feb 2020
A woman on a walk in the country (dressed for winter)

I found out recently that I was - officially! - overweight. I hate thinking/talking about weight and dieting so this wasn't really the best news for me of course and I've had health worries in the past which might not be helped by weight gain. 

However, it's given me an extra impulse to get out on my walks. I like walking anyway, but when things are busy or the weather isn't great I find it harder to get out. I'm not a fan of targets, finding that I feel down if I don't meet them, so some of the modern interest in exercise, apps and FitBits doesn't agree with me. On the other hand, I've found that knowing I've not done enough exercise is good for me because it reminds me to do some walking.

Walking is where I do my best listening, when I'm with someone else, my best thinking, my best reflecting and my best prayer. So although the walking is meant to be a physical exercise, it's a form of mental and spiritual exercise as well. 

It is not much of a chore either, for it is a type of exercise I enjoy, and on my walks I encounter people, nature or things of interest in my surroundings. God's message of consolation and confirmation that I'm approaching this the right way. This is positive reinforcement and means I go out again for a walk the next day, and this in turn is a prompt for my encounter with God in prayer.