... in spending time with my friend

Published on 03 Feb 2020
Friends on a hill looking at the view

My friend inspired me years ago to return to my faith again, by telling me that having faith is the feeling of being loved. Those simple words touched my heart and helped me discover the joy of faith. I have been deeply grateful to him ever since.

My friend inspires me to be grateful to God for all that life has given me. My friend lives out his faith joyfully and lovingly. He is exceedingly generous to those in need, and thus inspires me to be generous too. He loves his faith. Most of all, my friend is loving to all those around him, and in doing so shows me how I too can be loving to those around me. I feel God’s presence when I am with my friend because he is a reflection of God’s love for all of us. My friend’s joy is contagious, and I know that this joy comes from a deep faith in God and a knowledge that God loves us all beyond measure.

We need people in our lives who point us towards God, who show us what faith is all about, who help us experience the joy of faith. My friend inspires me every day to help others in need, and to show them God’s love for them just as I have been shown God’s love for me.

My friend has shown me that faith is a journey and that God gives us companions on the journey who can help us and show us the way. If I ever have doubts about my faith, I need only think of my friend and how he helped me find my faith again to know that God is all-loving and real and that he has a plan for me. Every time I am with my friend I am reminded of all of this.