... in a special day

Published on 13 Feb 2018
Some cubes with T H A N K  Y O U written on them

It was a special day recently and I received many cards and good wishes from friends and family, and some gifts too. 

Of course I try to say thank you, being well brought up, but it occurred to me as I went through the list considering those I had to message to thank that on such days when generosity is in abundance it is quite easy to forget the effort that people have made, even just to send you a message. Not just a quick perfunctory thank you back, but to try to engage if possible, or thank in a meaningful way, to recognise their efforts properly. When I send people cards or presents for their birthday for example, I always worry if it got there. This way, they can rest easy. It is right that they should know what joys they have brought me, however small. 

Going through the list to thank them was giving them something back to them, but it was also a gift for myself. A way to recall and record that moment of generosity, to treasure it for the future, a way to recognise it. Thus I felt doubly enriched and better able to reflect on my day and my relationships with them. I put the cards away the next day, but I could tell you what each one said.