... in a smile

Published on 09 Feb 2019
A little boy smiling

I was on my way home from work on the bus and, as most commuters do, had my head down looking at my phone. I think we do this in part because it means we can avoid making eye contact with strangers, or because it means we can mentally switch off and 'zone out', which may be sometimes necessary!

I looked up to see a small boy who was craning over the back of the seat in front to look at me and my phone. He gave me a broad grin. His mother didn't appear to notice but I decided to smile back. I put my phone away, because I've never thought it was very good for children to see adults with their heads always stuck in their phones (although his mother was talking to a friend, not on her phone). 

This smile warmed my heart. I thought of many times when little human interactions disrupt the mundane pattern of our day, brightening up the fabric of our lives and reminding us that each one of us is a child of God.