... in the simplest problems

Published on 18 Dec 2020
A bible in the morning

I am in a 'walking Nativity' at Wintershall estate (otherwise known as the location of Life of Christ)  I am a shepherd guiding people round the site. In between rehearsals I was doing some work using my rather ancient laptop which absolutely needs the power cable to function. I discovered last night that I had left the cable behind and as it is a 90 minute drive from home could not easily pick it up.

I was in a panic about how I could get the daily reflection I prepare for parishioners done for the morning - I like to be able to send it out early so that people can wake up to it. I felt though I could hardly get to the church by 7am to use my work computer in order to send it - that might be a step too far for my long suffering husband!

I had forgotten that said husband was going to London today to finally meet the people he is working for (been in his new job since July and has only met them over Zoom) So I offered to take him to the station where he wanted to be before 7am which meant I could get to the office and use the computer there to send the reflection out almost at 7am. The added bonus is it made me seem like a devoted wife (of course I am one anyway though I am pretty sure he knew my ulterior motive).

I love God. I find it amazing that he sorts out my simplest as well as my most complex of problems and he does the same for so many.