... in the shining path

Published on 12 Nov 2019
A path shining silver in the sun

As I walked to work this morning the morning sun hit the path in front of me and made the path shine silver. (The picture does not fully do it justice).

It struck me that if one needed confirmation that one was going in the right direction this was it, not least because the surrounding grass is long, full of tussocks and particularly hard going in the recent frosty weather.  How much easier life would be if it was always so obvious! For some people, life's paths are set out with great clarity and they rarely have to be burdened by indecision or lengthy discernment. For others, almost every decision is difficult. 

Elsewhere on that same journey is a patch of grass which leads to an opening in the perimeter fence of the park. There is no laid path here, but something called a 'desire path', an area of grass downtrodden because lots of people have decided that there should be a path there because it provides a short cut. A few weeks ago I was undecided on the best or quickest route to take. Should I go round on the main path, or down a bit further to a different path, or stomp across the stretch of grass in my own way?  Then I spotted the 'desire path' and realised that this was the best option. Whereas the shining path is a reminder of times when we know what God wants for us and are happy in that knowledge that we know where to go, the desire path is a reminder of times when we have to strain more carefully for what God wants, listen to the Holy Spirit, or perhaps listen to what others have done before us or suggested. Sometimes when we consider our life choices we think that they are so unique to us that other people's advice or experience is not relevant, but sometimes it can be helpful. 

Today I thank God for all the paths he lays out before me, whether figurative or literal, and pray that I will choose the right path at a given moment.