... in a shared path

Published on 15 Oct 2020
Shadows of two people on a path

Near my house is a lovely area for walking. It's very popular with families, runners, cyclists and people walking their dog. 

This means that it can get quite busy, especially on fine days, in the school holidays or at certain times of day. Some parts of the path have a separate area for cyclists and walkers, but there is also a narrow bridge where the cyclists, dogs and runners share with people on a stroll, and other parts of the path which are narrow. 

Some people might find this quite annoying, but I find it quite helpful. It's tempting to walk along in a daydream, but it's unevitable the reverie will be disturbed by something, and it seems like a reminder to me that however important some quiet time might be, my absorbtion in my inner life should only ever be temporary. It helps me be more aware of others, and also take notice of the times when they are aware of me. Interruptions in my walk are the same as interruptions in my prayer, it is not necessarily desirable that they be completely avoided because they are part of God's way of communicating with us.