... in a shaft of light

Published on 23 Aug 2021
Light shining in a church.

I have recently received authority from the Bishop to exercise a preaching ministry in my church. An exciting though daunting challenge.

As I reached the door of the church yesterday morning to preach my first sermon one of the Churchwardens approached me. “I hope you are in good voice this morning” he said. “During last night’s storm a lightning strike took out all the church electric supply, so we have no lights nor power.”

Well, that’s a good start I thought; no lights, no microphones.  On entering the church I could see what he meant. It was difficult to see much until the eyes became accustomed to the gloom. Reading the hymns was aided by the light of mobile phone torches for some but others had to hum along.

The time came for me to mount the pulpit clutching my sermon notes which I nervously placed on the shelf in front of me and prayed for God’s help before starting to preach His Word. I took as my text the words Trust in the Lord, which in the event was rather apt. Of course, He heard my prayer for a shaft of light from an adjacent window was just enough to enable me to follow my notes when required. And being an ancient building the acoustics were excellent so that with a bit of voice projection even those in the back pews were able to hear me.

 My first sermon was well received, for which I was grateful to God. Trust in the Lord, indeed!