... in a sense of reverence

Published on 20 Feb 2017
Child holding finger to their lips to suggest silence

Today I was visiting around the village where I live in East Timor; taking Communion to elderly men and women who cannot get to Mass.

Arriving in one area, I was greeted by a mother with a disabled child I had never seen before. His face lit up in a big smile and he then seemed to dance, turning around but getting more rigid in his muscles. He was so excited. I took his hand to walk to the grandmother's house and he seemed to become very calm.

Grandma was having a shower so we had to wait for her to return. During this time I explained to him why I had come - to bring Jesus to 'Avo'. He continued to smile and became excited again when 'Avo' appeared.

After we began our prayer, and others gathered – parents and small children – he quietly 'shushed' them. We were doing something special.

I was amazed, in the simplicity of this encounter, how much a child with a serious disability can understand and demonstrate a call to reverence. He was beautiful. God was glorified, and glorying in this child.