... savouring the seasons

Published on 30 Apr 2021
Apple blossom

It seemed like we had a long winter this year. This was certainly accentuated by the fact that we spent most of the time from November 1st to the beginning of April in some sort of lockdown. Spring was a little later this year than in the previous year, with late frosts and cold spells, but in the last few weeks things have picked up: sunshine, blue skies and the world gradually turning shades of gorgeous green. 

As I get older I am trying to get better at enjoying each season for its own merits. At this time of year, it is beautiful blossom around every corner, and taking opportunities to enjoy the lush green colours as the trees come into leaf. 

At the same time, the relaxation of the restrictions has set out a series of potential treats too: meeting up with friends or family outside; a trip to eat or drink outside; being able to visit shops again... in a few weeks more, we will be able to take part in more activities with loved ones. Going on holiday will become possible again. While we won't all partake in each of these activities to the same extent, it's worth really enjoying whichever of these re-found freedoms we can and savouring them. 

Many non-Christian people will have heard of Lent and Easter, but not even know that Eastertide exists. It can seem like we live in a world where negativity and criticism all too often shout louder than moments of celebration.  It can be easy to forget that Lent is the same length as Eastertide. Even churchgoers might forget that we're still celebrating the Resurrection some weeks later: isn't that old news? But Easter is something worth shouting about, something worth savouring. 

I've decided that I'll take more care to observe the liturgical seasons. We will have a treat or a nice meal at Pentecost. I've even kept some of the hot cross buns in the freezer to enjoy some time during Eastertide. Let's savour Easter joy.