... in salvation through forgiveness

Published on 02 Nov 2020
A woman sits with her head in her hands thinking
‘To make known to his people their salvation

Through forgiveness of their sins’

I read these lines every time I say morning prayer but one morning recently the meaning became clearer.  This is not about being let off punishment after I die.  It is about salvation now for migrants drowning in the sea, black people being beaten up by police, children starving because their parents are not allowed to go to work and all the other miseries suffered, fortunately, by other people.  I cannot say I am OK because I am good.  If my behaviour seems quite virtuous it is because of genes and upbringing, and the same applies to my relatively comfortable situation in life; but the harm experienced by all these other people is my responsibility.  If they are to be saved, I need to be forgiven.  I need to recognise that my greed, laziness and anger unite with those of others around me to keep these disastrous failings going.