... in recycling

Published on 17 May 2021
A reycling bin.

We had done some major tidying up at home and at church and my car was full of stuff to take to the recycling centre.  It was a relatively long journey because I wanted to use hard plastics recycling which is not available at every centre. 

 As I left the facility with my empty car, I felt a sense of lightness and freedom and remembered that a fellow Catholic had sensed the same effect after going to confession.  I had a mental image of the confessional as a spiritual recycling centre with skips for anger, envy, lust, revenge etc.  We used to dump all our assorted rubbish into landfill but now we sort it because some can be recycled.  Does the same apply to sin?  Should we reuse the energy in anger, the desire for justice in revenge, even the appreciation of the beautiful bodies God gave us which hides in lust?  God made all things good; if we have tied them up in ugly applications, we should work to release their intrinsic value and avoid throwing out the baby with the bathwater.