... in rain on a wedding day

Published on 17 Jul 2017
Rain on grass at sunset

One of my friends - she happens to be a Catholic - got married a few years ago. She and her husband got married in the middle of the summer but she told me that she wanted it to rain.

I was quite surprised! Most people turn into real perfectionists about their wedding and want it to be sunny, of course, and get quite worried about the the notoriously unpredictable British weather. My friend told me that at  various other staging posts in their relationship it had been raining, and so it seemed appropriate that it should rain on her wedding day. There was the briefest of showers - when everyone was seated inside - so I think that God was smiling on her sense of realism. What was really only a passing remark to me from her, probably not intended as some kind of deep philosophy, taught me an important lesson about being realistic, pragmatic and not a perfectionist. There was a truly unforgettable sunset on their wedding day as I headed back home via the train station, and I knew that God would shower blessings on their marriage, and even when it rained, they would be ok, because they knew one rough patch wouldn't ruin everything.