...in a radiant dewdrop

Published on 02 Aug 2019
Dewdrops on blades of grass used courtesy of Unsplash.com

I was on holiday and taking a morning stroll about an hour after sunrise. To my left was a wide, well-kept grassy slope at the top of which was a mature woodland.

The sky was a clear blue and the sun was beginning to appear around the southern end of the wood so that its strong, low light was shining across much of the slope. During the night a heavy dew had fallen so that every blade of grass held a perfect drop of water at its tip. I had often seen dewfall like this wherever there is grass, but on this morning my senses were open in a new way.

Each one of the infinity of droplets shone with diamond-like radiance. Each contained a tiny rainbow. Each quivered in the gentlest breath of air. It seemed like a vision of the Kingdom – innumerable and beautiful individuals, alive and radiant in the light of God, each full of beauty and peace, happy to be one of that host, waiting on the Lord, ready to move from this time in His presence into another space, to serve Him where He wills.