... in a quirky creature

Published on 18 Sep 2019
Hungarian Vizsla

It was an honour to know Anca Poppadum who died last week.  She was a crazy dog.  

The sister of our beloved Hungarian Vizsla. She sojourned with us during the early weeks of her life when her owners went on holiday and had yet to find her a home. She was always more timid than her sister. After a couple of failed attempts to find her a home due to reasons beyond her control, she finally came to live with some dear friends of ours locally.

At first, she was so neurotic and anxious that there were thoughts of returning her to her breeders, but phew, the next day, she stopped her endless night time performances and remained with them.

She could not have found a more loving and accepting home. She cared for nothing and her owners could not have done more, but to say she remained quirky is an understatement! Her particular dislikes were children and big gatherings. She was always evicted from the family home and had to come and stay with us when there was a party or a young family visiting.

Additionally she had. a tendency to nip visitors, particularly important ones. A General and a Bishop were both on the receiving end of her attention!

However, we were unbelievably fond of her and were so sad when she died.

There was something about the way in which she came to accept us as friends (over some time it has to be said). She would sit at our feet ... more likely on our feet. She would lavish us with her love and silliness. And there was something incredibly special about that. It has taught me that being loved by oddballs is such a compliment. Not something to run away from. And that above all, God loves the unusual. We do not have to conform to any standard to be loved by Him.

Additionally, and this is what I love about the Lord, at this exact moment, He has sent a person into my workplace who is also a bit different to many and I realise that I can be a support and just come alongside them when they come to me for some encouragement. And enjoy the diversity they bring to my life.