... in the queue for the supermarket

Published on 04 Jun 2020
A LIDL with a socially distanced queue outside it.

Many of us are now getting used to waiting patiently in queues at supermarkets and other shops.  This is one of the many changes in our lifestyles and, like others, means that we slow down and have time to look, think and discern.  One of the thoughts I have is the nature of waiting and of the waiting that the apostles experienced.

First, there was the wait after the crucifixion when they must have felt abandoned and uncertain but perhaps sensing that something was to happen.

Then there was the wait after the Ascension and what a difference.  Jesus had spent time preparing them for the fact that he would be leaving them but with the promise and hope that things would be all right with the arrival of the Holy Spirit.  During this wait the apostles were together, just as they had been after the crucifixion, but the atmosphere and the feelings must have been entirely different.

And now we are all in a further period of waiting for the next coming.  How are we feeling? How are we preparing?  A good time to think about Pentecost.  Come Holy Spirit: help me transform my life ready for the next coming of the Lord.