... in a puff of smoke

Published on 13 May 2016
A puff of smoke over the hills - Photo by Dominik Lange from unsplash.com

During a recent Ignatian retreat, my spiritual director asked: ‘Did God say anything unusual to you yesterday?’ ‘Actually … yes, He did,’ I replied. ’He said, “Look up.”’ 

Well I did. The next day, after 48 hours of me finally letting go of almost 30 years’ of ministry in church leadership, I looked up and saw smoke on the hillside. It felt like my life until that point was going up in smoke like an offering to God. Not that that life hadn’t been good or fruitful. But it was now all to be given – indeed sacrificed – as an act of worship to God.

It felt surprisingly good! Now I can freely look forward to what lies ahead.