... in polishing my shoes

Published on 15 Nov 2017
Floral Doc Marten boots

It was one of those dark gloomy November mornings and I woke feeling “world-weary”.

I was finding it an effort to respond positively to all the day would bring, so I decided that a mundane task might help and began to polish my shoes.

When I retired, three years ago, I purchased a pair of flowery Dr Martin boots.

Besides the fact that I liked them, it was a deliberate choice, proclaiming my second adolescence, as I had been a very compliant teenager!

As I kneaded the polish into the leather, I could almost feel the shoe breathing and reviving; and myself too.

It was as though God was gently caressing and restoring me with love, and smoothing all the wrinkles out!

When I replaced the cap, I noticed the product was called a “balsam”- defined in the dictionary as: “a healing or soothing agency.” 

Thank you Lord, for your healing presence.