... in the pause button

Published on 20 May 2020
A phone with skype on it and a laptop open

One of the “new normal” experiences for me over the last few weeks has been video conferencing. It has become a comfort and almost necessary part of my life, living alone as I do, as I seek to keep connected with others.

Depending on the quality of the wifi signal, it can also sometimes be a frustrating experience. Realising suddenly that someone has frozen in mid-sentence or disappeared altogether takes some getting used to. Yet I was already accustomed to seeing those poor news-readers or weather forecasters being halted midstream in various poses as I went to fetch a cup of coffee or closed the curtains. I was amused to see that sales of make-up have rocketed online as people seek to present a “good face” on the screen. And the expression “our lives have been put on pause” has become part of our vocabulary.

I was reflecting on how this time of lockdown, stopping us all in our tracks, is highlighting the present moment so clearly for us. With our past way of life changed and the future uncertain, we are being offered the opportunity to live each day to the full. The pause button is on and I may be caught in a place of surprise, fear, contentment, confusion, joy, sorrow or possibly boredom to name but some of my emotions. In fact each day will not be the same in these new and bewildering times.

Still, no matter where or how I am, Ignatius encourages us to imagine our loving creator looking at me with unconditional love.

The Lord sees me and my life today, just as it is, and whispers: “it’s okay. I understand.”