... in an opportunity to give witness

Published on 06 Apr 2020
Pussy willow

I come from a Catholic family but don't have many Catholic friends.  My faith is quite personal. While it has never been a secret and I am open to discuss religious matters, I don't push my beliefs on my friends, and vast majority of whom are atheists. 

Over the years I have mostly lived with non-religious people in flatshares and latterly with my husband, who is not religious. I would keep a cross or an icon by my bed and I have a religious picture in my bedroom but the other parts of the house, where the guests might be, would not have much overt signs of faith. Many of my friends respect my faith, but they don't always understand it or feel comfortable with it, sometimes due to negative experiences of institutional religion. 

Now I am unable to go to church, I have had to bring the Mass into the house with me. I light a candle, or have a cross to hand to help focus prayer. The Sunday before last, I lit a candle and placed it in the window. On Palm Sunday, I gathered branches of willow and hawthorn and put them in my window for passersby to see. I think many Christians will find themselves doing similar things. 

I miss being able to go to church far more than I even expected. Tears come to my eyes every time I livestream the Mass. Yet I am also grateful for this opportunity to give witness to friends. I don't mention Mass often to my friends, but in our video calls, I have mentioned this change to our lives among others, and they seem sympathetic, understanding that this is aspect of things might be difficult for Christians.

So despite everything, I am grateful for this opportunity to give witness to my faith.