... in a nurse's compassion

Published on 13 Mar 2019
A nurse holding the hand of someone in a wheelchair

We had to go to hospital the other day. Whilst sitting in the waiting area I was struck by the quiet, comforting compassion of the young nurse, (all nurses look young to me at my advanced age!), patiently shepherding a frail and frightened old lady into one of the treatment rooms. A doctor with a bright reassuring smile stood at the door of the room to welcome her in. To me their actions brightened the whole area since it demonstrated that charity which is one of the three spiritual graces fully described by St Paul.

We all have God given talents which we are called to use to glorify Him. Indeed, it is through our words and actions that we show God’s love for the world. So each morning we need ask ourselves: What can I do for God today, How can I show God’s love for mankind? And at the end of the day we need to review the past day by asking ourselves: What have I done for God today, Have I done what God wanted me to do today, or have I taken my own path?

It was in the compassion of that nurse and the doctor that I found God today.