... in the nick of time

Published on 16 Oct 2019
A thrift store.

I run a thrift shop for my church, a tiny place in a poor city.  We are open four hours on a Saturday and are a welcome source of activity and commerce in a bleak neighbourhood.  

To break up the day, I offer different events each hour once we open at 10:00:
At 11:00, I bring out baskets of donated shoes.
At 12:00, I bring out bins of housewares, toys and other goods.
At 1:00, we have a little raffle.  I choose three of the best donations and everyone is given a ticket to win.
There are many Saturdays when we start the shift with a paltry supply of donations and I wonder what I will have for the 12:00 bins or the raffle.
Invariably, and often just in the nick of time, donors will arrive with the perfect wares.
It’s true, what my mother always said:  “God provides.”