... in news of a tragic event

Published on 16 Feb 2017
Crucifix, close up of Christ's face.

The news of the senseless death of Pateh Sabally, a refugee who drowned in Venice’s Grand Canal whilst being ridiculed, verbally abused, laughed at by onlookers and filmed by passive observers shocked me, as I believe it shocked others, to their very core. Although life rings where thrown, no one jumped in to save him.

Having heard this news, I wept and cried. ‘God, where were you during that moment? Why did You let this happen? What has humanity come to?’
My faith was tested and I asked God to guide me and others during this tragedy. I believe Christ was also drowning with this man as he had once suffered ridicule and death on the cross.  God is present even in the darkest places, for he Himself was a suffering God – a God who took it upon himself to save us from the wickedness of evil.  As I reflect on this today I ask God for forgiveness, in times where I could have helped others but failed and in times I did not see His presence in the face of my brothers and sisters.  God help us to see anew the sanctity of human life and to wake up from the material alienation that we succumb to everyday.