... in my son's confirmation class

Published on 24 Feb 2017
Candles and monstrance on altar for Adoration

I am helping out at my youngest son’s Confirmation classes this year. At the end of each session the group of teenagers aged 12 and upwards are taken into our church for adoration. 

Although this time spent in prayer with God is about ten minutes long I found myself feeling anxious at how the candidates would sit and keep still – especially my son, for this amount of time? Would they be reverent enough? Would we have to keep nudging them into the silence? I shouldn’t have been such a doubting Thomas. As the group settled on the altar I glanced around and it was in this moment I found God. Adults and teens intermingled, some sitting on chairs, others on the floor, kneeling or leaning against a pillar. Only the light on the altar was on, the rest of the church was in darkness. It was a beautiful, still and peaceful time, where we all became one as a small community before God. I did look at my son for a second and could see him having a little boogie in his seat – maybe he was singing a tune in his head – but I strongly felt God saying to me ‘It really doesn’t matter, you are all here with me and that’s whats important – not how nicely everyone is sitting or how well everyone is behaving.’ I felt a great surge of warmth for the group: after all they had chosen to undertake this sacrament – nobody was forcing them. I shouldn’t have been surprised when my son said he had really enjoyed it. I did laugh though when he showed me his confirmation workbook that we use in the sessions. One of the questions was ‘where would you like to be in ten years’ time?’ to which my son had written ‘with a husky dog called Michael’. See you in a few years time then Michael!