... in my lounge

Published on 22 Jul 2019
A sofa and coffee table in a lounge

Few weeks ago I came back from Spiritual Exercises. As always, I’ve been reinvigorated in my relation with the Lord. 

This morning, in the light of fresh spiritual notions, I was rethinking my relations with the others. Those others, my friends and colleagues, are mostly non-Christians or non-practicing Christians. All nice folk and I go along with them very well, but I was thinking of - or better to say, I was hoping for - to bring a bit of Christian spirit in our everyday life, in a natural and non-invasive way. 

As many times before, God surprised me. This morning, when I came back from the gym end entered the house, there was a solemn Our Father hymn coming loudly from the lounge. Hey, what’s going on here, I asked myself. My flatmate does not listen to sacred music, not and absolutely not. Anyway, today it was the case. Solemn Our Father, followed by equally solemn Ave Maria. 

I emptied a dishwasher with this beautiful music in the background, having a proof once more that God precedes me in Galilee - a synonym for everyday life - every time when I’m finely tuned with him.