... in my bad handwriting

Published on 23 Dec 2020
A bauble on a Christmas tree

I was recently writing my Christmas cards and have noticed how appalling my hand-writing has become. I realise that I rarely use a pen at all these days; everything is either text or email.

So, as I walked down the road to post the letters, I began to reflect on other skills I might be in danger of losing, and of the sensual nature of Christmas.

There is the sound of the post landing on the mat – an audible thud at this time of year;

Listening to carols and bells and children’s excitement;

The scent of a real Christmas tree and mulled wine;

How prickly pine-needles and holly can be underfoot!

The sight of lights, sparkling tinsel and candles;

The taste of turkey, Christmas pudding and Brussels sprouts (but no, I don’t miss licking postage stamps!)

All of these sensations are a vital part of being human. St Ignatius encourages us to use our senses in our imagination when we contemplate Scripture.

At Christmas, I can reflect on the feel of a tiny baby, wriggling and nestling into my arms; warm and smelling of milk; completely vulnerable and relaxed, trusting and dependent, murmuring in his sleep.

This is the reality of the birth of Jesus – an infant – Emmanuel.

God living among us to show us how to be truly human.

Where did you find God today?