... in moving house

Published on 07 Dec 2018
A man with his head in his hands surrounded by boxes

Moving house is a very stressful experience. I was moving house recently for the first time in several years and the sorting, packing, unpacking, sorting and tidying seemed to go on for weeks. not to mention a variety of administrative tasks related to registering for this and that. As always, I wondered why I had so many possessions (this despite trying to reduce the amount of things I would pack by taking things to the charity shop and throwing away other items. Overall the whole moving project is far from spiritual!

I've experienced some consolation though. The first thing was that, when we were packing up, we kept running out of boxes or packing materials and had to run around the local shops to find things. In every instance the staff were helpful and kind. All the shops in that area are run by first or second generation immigrants and I couldn't help but wonder if their kindness to us was more than just good customer service, but a sense that they themselves had had to move, maybe more than once, and recognised how stressful it could be. This helpful attitude made a real difference to us and reminded me that through all of this God was there with me. 

The second thing that has consoled me is that when I wake up in the morning now I can hear birds singing. Many years ago, I found there was an alarm sound on my phone which sounded like the dawn chorus, so for the first few mornings I was a bit confused, but then I realised that it was God's alarm clock to help me wake up. I was very nervous about moving to the new place which is very different from where we lived before, but I am very fond of birds and my new house has lots of birds just outside which I can see from the window. The birds have helped confirm for me a decision which we carefully discerned and thought about from every angle, that right now, we are doing the right thing for us.