... in memories of grief

Published on 28 Mar 2017
A rose silhouette against a blue sky in the evening

I was listening to a radio programme about bereavement this week. The programme reminded me that everyone's experience of grief is different, but this helped me reflect on my own experience.

The hardest thing in some ways was a peculiar sense of numbness, a sort of cold feeling inside. One of the things which helped me was the beauty of nature, particularly flowers. My mother's parting gift to me, by a sheer coincidence, was a new camera. So it seemed the most natural thing to set to work and photograph flowers (which fortunately were in plentiful supply at that time of year). Many of the people on the radio programme I listened to had found similar coping mechanisms, such as music and art (some also mentioned pets!) I found God in the beauty of nature around me, which spoke to me through the fog of numbness and helped me process my feelings. I am sure I even saw things then which I might not have done on other occasions.