... in a meeting of strangers on a bus

Published on 11 Feb 2020
Interior of a bus

I had an appointment that I was not looking forward to that afternoon. As car parking was always difficult at the venue I decided to take the bus. It was bitterly cold with sleet stinging my face as I walked to the stop and I was worried about what might happen at my meeting.

At the bus stop a man, about my age came up and studied the timetable. From the way he looked at it his eyesight was clearly failing so I told him that the next bus was due in 5 minutes. He thanked me and said that he had had to give up driving as his eyesight was not good enough.  As he was living alone now there was no one to drive him anywhere, thus he had to rely on the bus.

We struck up a conversation that continued through the journey as we sat next to one another, chatting about this and that, generally putting the world to rights. We shook hands when he alighted one stop before mine and wished each other well. When I got off the bus I had quite forgotten any apprehension I had about my appointment, thinking only of the camaraderie I had recently enjoyed.

Strange the way God works; putting two lonely old strangers together on a bus to cheer one another up.

That’s where I found God that day.