... in a man painting a sign

Published on 07 Jul 2019
A sign painted on the road crossing which says Look Right

As I walked along this morning I saw a workman using what looked like a giant crayon writing in the road. 

As there were cars whizzing past I was initially worried but then realised that it was part of his job: he was tracing out the letters so that they could paint over them "LOOK RIGHT" on the crossing. 

For some reason it had never occurred to me before that they would trace the letters first... surely, if you paint signs all day for your job then you just go for it with a big paint brush, or whatever it is they use, and that would save time. But then I realised the wisdom of what he was doing. For one thing the space in which the letters appear might vary from spot to spot, so the size and spacing would change, but also no one wants to make a mistake with something so indelible as road paint...  perhaps when he was taught to do this a senior colleague had taught him to do it this way, or maybe it was in his rule book.... it can be surprisingly easy to make a mistake such as missing out a letter when you're doing something like that, as I remember from my calligraphy days. So it made me smile. 

I think when I compare my Christian sense of morals and the guidelines by which I choose to live my life (or rules!), and when I explain them to those who aren't Christian, I would choose to explain them in that way. I could launch out without the guidelines, and it might be fine. But I rely on the wisdom of others (my elders, in a sense), the tradition of the Church, the scriptures, and this helps me live my life better. Hopefully with fewer mistakes.