... in a long friendship

Published on 29 Mar 2017
Two older women out for a walk.

I have just finished reading the Neapolitan novels by Elena Ferrante based on a long-standing friendship, and it prompted me to reflect on my own relationships.

I realised that this last week alone, I have been blessed with a great gift. Early on in the week, my good friend and I had shared prayer and scripture reflections at our CAFOD Live Simply group. Then we met for coffee and a long walk; exchanging our stories and supporting each other with our concerns. Over the years, this has shifted from focussing on our children to, now, caring for our elderly parents. At the weekend we were guests in her lovely home, sharing a beautiful meal, lovingly prepared. And then, to crown it all, I walked up to her in the Church as she, an Extraordinary Minister of Communion, offered me the Eucharist – Jesus, the Bread of Life. In her generous love for me, I have found God.