... in the local community

Published on 21 Mar 2017
Tins of food on a shelf at a foodbank

I live in a poor area in the city, and having made contact with local community groups via my parish, I realised how many people really need a helping hand. 

One of the community groups that I had contacted was the local Anglican parish, with whom we discussed the possibility of setting up a foodbank. It seemed impossible to us, as we had so few people able to help out, and nowhere to store food, that we had mostly given up on the idea, and were thinking of ways to contribute to foodbanks some distance from our parish, when the vicar contacted us to tell us that there was someone in our area who is working to set something up locally, and that her church does have space. I heard today that it is starting this week. An answer to our prayers! I hope this will inspire my parish to find ways to contribute. It is a reminder not to give up when something seems impossible, but also that everyone should remain open to possibilities and remember to reach out.