... in light from a window

Published on 21 Feb 2017
Light shining through a church window at night

As I walked past the church on my way home my mind was filled with the usual noise – all the things I had to do that evening, worries about friends and families, plans for the weekend.

The city at night can seem dark and even a little scary at times, but it is filled with signs of life: people going shopping, going to bars and restaurants, hurrying home from work, and it is easy to forget that even in the city there are churches, and people praying. I glanced up and saw the light from the church shining, so that only the window was visible in the darkness, and I thought of how people could come to the church in the midst of their busy lives and find some silence and time to be with the Lord. City churches are special in that way – I like to think that non-religious people go there without intention to pray but simply to find peace and stillness. Somehow the light shining through the window, onto the world, reminded me of the Church itself, and how it brings light to us.