... in lemons

Published on 12 Jul 2018
A giant lemon next to a smaller lemon

I only had a 15 kg suitcase allowance on a recent trip to Sorrento. So I left a little weight unaccounted for when I packed my bag.  I love hunting out local delights to take back and share with my friends on my return. There was a lot to choose from there... after all it is the land of Limoncello and all things lemony! Never mind the souvenirs from Pompeii and Amalfi! After much deliberation and mental arithmetic I made the bold decision to buy some  of the giant lemons that were on sale, usually with a sign warning us not to touch them. I understand why as it was hard to believe they were real.

Three lemons at 600g each.

Now for the moment of truth! But what a disappointment. The giant lemon which looked so impressive on he outside was a con. Inside it was no bigger than the lemon I purchased from a local supermarket back home.

I am so mindful of the way God sees us on the inside first and that is what matters to him. Not the show. Not the fluff. Not the noise we make and certainly not the theatre we create!

Inside the giant lemon: a small amount of fruit with lots of pith!