... in invisible things

Published on 16 Sep 2020
A wren against a brown background

I had work to do indoors but I could not resist the temptation to sit outside as the sun was shining and still warm.  I became aware of a particularly melodious bird.  I would like to name it but cannot see, let alone identify, it.  So many good things in life stem from people we never see, but the pandemic has brought them to visibility, sadly, through their death.

These invisible people do the work the rest of us would rather not have to do; we hide the work as well as the people that do it.  All types of work are important, and anyone who works hard at doing something useful should be valued. Having a qualification does not make me a better person or entitle me to leave boring work for those ‘less qualified’.  Nor should I expect people to live in inadequate accommodation and struggle to find enough money for food because they do work for which no training is deemed to be necessary.

Lord, help me to respect the people who keep my environment beautiful.