... in a hymn for every occasion

Published on 25 Mar 2019
A neon sign 'you are what you listen to'

I grew up in a home where Christian music was around me from an early age. One of my father's closest friends in a church composer, and several of our other family friends were involved in church music. My sister, being the oldest, was the first to go to the music group at church, and later I joined it too and sung in various church choirs.

We even listened to church music on long car journeys. Compilations of music, often by church composers we knew, or sometimes John Rutter, who was a favourite of my mother. Neither of my parents liked rock, metal or pop music, and so the song lyrics of my childhood and youth were all Christian. Not that we couldn't listen to other music because of course, like all adolescents, we began to develop our own tastes, but we didn't inherit a love of rock and roll, blues or the Beatles like a lot of younger people. No, I inherited having a song lyric for every occasion from church hymns and settings of psalms.

I recollected this the other day when I was wondering round the house singing to myself 'Give me a new heart O God, put your spirit in me'. A perfect line for Lent of course.