... in a hospital appointment

Published on 30 Oct 2020
Sculpture of two people reaching out to one another

I had to get up early this week for a hospital appointment, which went fine. It was one of those occasions when I'm grateful for the times when the NHS works well, though even more so for the fact it is there at all. 

I've seen this scuplture before of two people reaching out across a divide, but this morning the rising sun caught it and it looked particularly striking. It represents healthcare at its best, with all the hard work and kindness that goes into running the NHS, from doctors and nurses through to cleaners and receptionists, all of whom do their bit. 

For me, it represents something to live by: a sense that there is something greater than ourselves which urges us on to reach out to others, to do good, sometimes to make sacrifices of our time and effort with no reward. Just as Jesus reaches out to all of us, so we are called to reach out to others.

Today I found God at work in those people working so hard for the good of others, and in the sculpture for reminding me to keep trying to do the same in my small way.