... in a holiday in Devon

Published on 06 Jun 2020
Buckfast Abbey

On holiday a few years ago with my family, we visited Buckfast Abbey in Devon. Now, neither my son-in-law nor I is able to resist the temptation of a bookshop and so we browsed the shelves of the Abbey shop for some time. Whilst there, I picked up a copy of Living Faith, a booklet of Catholic Daily Reflections and Meditations. At home I followed it on a daily basis.

One day, I came across a reflection that leapt out at me since the writer was obviously very ill when he wrote it. I felt compelled to contact him. Why? I do not know – well, not at the time anyway – after all he was a Catholic living in St Louis, USA whilst I was an Anglo Catholic living in the UK. Anyway, a correspondence developed between us and we became good if virtual friends. In fact, in time he became a valued spiritual companion even though we have never met. Without his encouragement and support I know that my journey in faith would have got as far as it has. My life is much more fulfilled and my ministry for the Lord and His Church is far greater than would have been possible without him. I will be eternally grateful to him but more importantly to God who led me to him in the first place. So you see, Buckfast Abbey is where I found God that day. It holds a special place in my heart, since although it is not where my spiritual journey started, it was the place where God spoke to me, to offer His hand and to provide a guide to support me on my way.