... in holding my nephew

Published on 20 Jul 2019
A young baby in someone's arms.

I found God in holding my six-week-old nephew. I was meeting him for the first time and immediately fell in love with him. I thought that surely God must look at us all the same way that I looked at my nephew – with a deep and everlasting love.

As I held my nephew and comforted him when he started crying, I realised that we all just long to be held and comforted by God, to know that we are being held safe. I could feel God holding and comforting me just as I was comforting my nephew.

We may not always see God, but occasionally we catch glimpses of his presence - in the kind words of a friend, or an inexplicably joyful day, or an answer to a prayer. That’s how God shows us that he is there, holding us safe. When I rode the bus with my nephew in his pram, he started crying because he couldn’t sense his parents’ presence. His parents whispered “we’re here.” Just like his parents reassured my nephew of their presence, God reassures me of his presence time and again, reminding me that I am not alone.

Holding my nephew reminded me of just how much God loves me, and how he is holding me safe in his arms.