... in a hearty 'good morning'

Published on 09 Nov 2020
A little girl on a walk in autumn

The second lockdown began last week in England, but - perhaps because we are so used to it - it didn't seem as bad as the first. We had some unusual bright, sunny weather, and the earlier sunrises (thanks to the clocks changing) enticed me out for morning walks.

One lady was walking with a little girl in wellies, and the little girl was enthusiastically greeting all the passersby.

'Good morning! Good morning!' she said.

Somehow this got my day off to the right start. Children are often better at addressing strangers warmly than adults, who are either too reserved or too cynical. I wonder how many people the little girl encouraged to smile that morning through her greetings.

I hope there will be other graces in this second lockdown. 

Where did you find God today?