... in healing

Published on 15 Feb 2020
A person touching water with their fingers

I cut my fingers quite badly a few days ago. It was painful and I thought the cuts were worse than they actually were, but what astonished me was how quickly they are healing. It was hard to tell, by the second day, that I'd cut myself so badly.

We all know of times in our lives when healing hasn't been so quick or effective and it is easy to dwell on hurts, physical or emotional, that haven't healed so well. An insult that someone made when you were still at school, a relationship that went badly.

I have a substantial scar from surgery ten years ago, and one of the important parts in the healing process has been to make sure I don't dwell on what the scar looks like or how it makes me feel which is easy to do, but remember how much better it is now than it was years ago. We need to embrace the causes of our hurts rather than ignoring them, while recognising the gift of healing.

I thank God for his healing power but also thank God for the grace to reflect on healing and be able to recognise and embrace it.