... in a golden sunrise

Published on 05 Jan 2021
Willow tree lit by rays of the rising sun

In the last few months, since it is dark by the time I finish work, I have taken to going on a walk in the morning before I start work at 9. In midwinter, it doesn't get light until after 8am, and sometimes later still. Over the last few weeks and months, I've had very short walks and longer walks, walks in morning sun, beautiful sunrises, fog, frost, mud, heavy rain and dark, grey  and even blustery mornings. But somehow it's always worth it.

This morning the sun had risen before I left the house, and I walked down to a local park where the sun was shining through the branches of a weeping willow, making the bare winter branches of the willow tree look golden. I stood under the tree and absorbed the sunlight for a few moments. 

As I did so, an older woman jogged past and commented 'it's beautiful, isn't it.' 'Yes it is!' I replied. And a few moments later, another person walked past and said a cheery good morning. 

The sense of solidarity and shared wonder with complete strangers in these moments has really helped me in these difficult times of lockdown, just as much as the beauty of nature. Warmth from strangers has consoled me as much as the warmth of the rising sun. It feels that God is with me in those moments.