... in God's plan

Published on 18 Jul 2018
An arrow carved into a white painted wall

I was speaking to my sister this week. She has a very strong faith, but her faith is a little different than mine. Talking over the uncertainties and decisions to be made in both our lives, she talked a lot of God's plan for each of us.

It is not that I don't think God has a plan for me, I certainly believe that, but most of the time, I wonder if he could let me know what the plan is? I often find that there are patterns and deeper meanings in my life or that of others, but these don't seem obvious at the time, and only emerge a long time afterwards. 

For example, I was reflecting recently on something that had happened to me over nine years ago, and it was amazing to see how at the time it had seemed like a great misfortune, and one that has had many repercussions (and may yet have many more, as yet unknown). But I was able to see now that the experience has made me who I am today, and I really believe I am a better person for it. It has taken many, many years for that to be a sentence I could write, and really mean. 

I suppose faith is not knowing what the plan is, and trusting God anyway. I might have some work to do on that.