... in getting stuck

Published on 14 Dec 2017
A woman praying in a church

I was trying to help some people to pray. 

 I don’t often get the opportunity and I had prepared carefully, but the day was particularly busy.  When that happens, I go into professional mode, focussing on the need to get everything done on time and in the right order. I started the prayer by showing folk a picture (always a safe option), we talked about the picture briefly then went into chapel to pray.  Afterwards I spoke some more, and that’s when it happened.  Suddenly I just knew I had said quite the wrong things and spoiled the whole session.  Fortunately, this has happened to me before and I know that these are moments when the Holy Spirit joins the conversation.  I don‘t regret what I said, and I value the insight I got later as to what to do next time.